Ojos Búho en noche de colores

Unchained Colors Technique

The technique “Unchained Colors” is the result of a painstaking research study on the psychology of color, textures, lights and different ranges and tones of tropical sunsets from the beaches, mountains and jungles of Latin America.

This style of art is the result of the artistic internalization of an entire research on the psychological effect caused by tropical colors to perception, human behavior (especially the mood that colors manage to convey to influence our mind), the analysis of different theories and the results of multiple tests.

“Unchained Colors” brings together all these psychological characteristics and makes perceive the eye of the beholder an organic, natural and harmonious feeling, where the color of the nature merges with the abstract and the figurative.

The graphic images that are created with this technique, are able to awaken and stimulate the visual perception of our mind to give a feeling of familiarity, tranquility or even joy, once we’re in visual contact with it.

The color scheme is carefully studied, this selection being the result of over two years of research on light and color, as well as the breakdown of basic colors (yellow, green, blue and red), following the foundations of the theory of color from Leonardo da Vinci to create a wide range of colors that simulate natural landscapes and nature thereof, making these visual sensations of color and light frequencies to be exponentially more saturated and magnified in the graphic image, It gives the work a feeling of greater impact.

Using this technique the artist achieves as a final result, transforming a face or an ordinary image into an organic artistic expression from various combinations of colors, subtle and natural at the same time, achieving a harmonious work of art that produces the same pleasant sensation of watching a sunset or a paradisiacal landscape.