26 Apr

Colors that flourish in the dark “color Aura or radiation”


The universe is full of ranges of intense colours and striking forms of infinite planets and galaxies, that we can only admire for photographs or by a telescope in a scientific observatory. The colour is a sensation produced by light rays in the eyes which are interpreted by the brain. This is a physical-chemical phenomenon where each colour depends on the wavelength.

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23 Mar

The art of dreams and how to use abstract consciousness – Part 2

Pájaro en Sueño de Colores / Bird in Colorful Dreams

When dreaming we are able to see colors, highlights, people and even animals that do not exist in real life, this is the product of an intense brain activity where the abstract consciousness manipulates our emotions and memories, making us experience a series of unrealistic situations and even improbable scenes of a high creative level that we could use as a source of inspiration to express them as ideas in a design, drawing or painting.

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