Ojos Tigre en Rugido de Colores

Artist Biography

Born in the city of Caracas, Venezuela on the 29th September 1982, his passion for arts and design motivated him to study Graphic Design in The Perera Design Institute (Instituto de Diseño Perera) in Caracas. After 3 years of study, he could not finish his degree for reasons beyond his control and he saw himself forced to leave Venezuela and move to Venice, Italy.

After a period of adaptation and learning of the Italian language , culture and customs, he started his artistic path, by studying  art restoration at the International University of Art in the Giudecca Island, career which he gave up to enrol in the Academy of Visual Arts in Venice (Accademia di Belle Arti Di Venezia) in 2007. After taking a rigorous exam on the subjects of drawing, colour knowledge, perspective, human anatomy, art history, and having his work portfolio assessed by an Academic panel, he successfully fulfilled and approved the requirements and was selected to start his career in Visual Arts.

In 2010 he graduated as an graphic artist specialised in the new visual arts technology, after presenting his dissertation entitled Viral Art (Market of Digital Art) which is the product of an investigation in the area of new technologies, destined to let his name and work to be known through the print media, internet and social media, and also to prepare him for the challenges he will face not only as an Visual Artist and Designer, but as a business manager of his own art style and trade name.

After he graduated, he started working as a graphic designer at a typography studio and after some time, he made artistic works for small businessmen which needed paintings for the decoration of their businesses. He also worked with a friend in a shop in Venice, where he made hand painted T-shirts. At the same time he was carrying out his artistic investigation, creating paintings to be exhibited through the social media with the purpose of attracting new audiences and gaining popularity in the virtual media of art.

The constant and continuous exhibition of his work through the Internet, has allowed him to meet journalists interested in his work, and he has been invited as an artistic contributor for their newspaper articles and creation of book covers. He has also been contacted for interviews by some blogs in the Brazilian press, other diverse online publications, and art and design magazines in Latin America, which have asked him for contributions to create press articles related to him and his art work.

In the year 2013 he took the hard choice of leaving Italy to go back to Venezuela, settling down in Margarita Island (Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela) for a period of a year and a half. During this time, he focused on creating new paintings and also investigating and studying new artistic methods and techniques, using and combining the traditional art with the new technologies in order to master his technique.

While on Margarita island, he created and printed some paintings of tourist places with the purpose of commercialise his art work in small inns and hotels of the area. In that period, he dedicated most of his time to the investigation of colours, tones, lights and textures, to apply this knowledge to digital illustrations in order to master his technique by offering the public a visual impact never seen before in the social media.

He is -as always- keeping his continuous research and creation of new images and visual experiences with different techniques to improve and enhance his style in the complex and competitive art world.